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Careers with TeleCBT

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  • Master’s Degree in counseling (or equivalent)
  • CBT specific training
  • Five years clinical experience
  • Registration with respective regulatory body
  • Independent practice insurance

There is no fee to join TeleCBT. To request additional information about joining TeleCBT, simply fill out the online form or contact


TeleCBT provides video, talk, and text CBT to clients via mobile device, tablet, home computer or landline

  • TeleCBT takes care of all marketing & referrals
  • You can work from the convenience & comfort of your own home (no commuting required). You can set your own hours — and you have the flexibility to change them at any time
  • TeleCBT staff assists with the administrative tasks of scheduling, appointment reminders, consent forms and payment processing
  • You can access TeleCBT’s supervisors & other training resources