OHIP-Covered Doctors

Areas that our doctors can help with include:

ADHD, anxiety, bereavement, chronic pain, coping with medical illness, depression, illness anxiety disorder, insomnia, interpersonal violence, LGBTQ health, low self-esteem, perfectionism, postpartum depression, relationship issues, smoking cessation, social anxiety, stress management and substance abuse

A list of our current OHIP Covered Doctors

Dr. Abramovitch

Dr. Al-Sukhni

Dr. Bailey

Dr. Bailliu

Dr. Bayer

Dr. Brunton

Dr. Cheikh

Dr. Cheong

Dr. Cheung

Dr. Chuen

Dr. Davies

Dr. Desmarais

Dr. Drummond

Dr. D’Silva

Dr. Edirisinghe

Dr. Eid

Dr. Fadojutimi

Dr. Gangat

Dr. Gibson

Dr. Gupta

Dr. Hadi

Dr. Hummadi

Dr. J Igbinovia

Dr. E Igbinovia

Dr. Kasmani

Dr. Kassam

Dr. Kelton


Dr. Kianfar

Dr. Kristof

Dr. Lee

Dr. Liu

Dr. Lum

Dr. Manji

Dr. Matiza

Dr. McNeil

Dr. Morson

Dr. Naug

Dr. Netterfield

Dr. Poole

Dr. Povieriena

Dr. Quadir

Dr. Ramraj

Dr. Rouble

Dr. Schriver

Dr. Slatkovsky

Dr. Sultan

Dr. Swan

Dr. Tamboli

Dr. Westerink

Dr. White

Dr. Whitmore

Dr. Wu

Dr. Xu

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