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Restricted access to CBT services is a significant problem in virtually every Canadian community. Unfortunately, even those patients who are able to find a local CBT specialist face many real-world barriers to keeping regular appointments. Common complications include lengthy travel times, the employment issues posed by limited clinical hours, the restrictions of medical illnesses and disabilities (e.g., mobility), difficulty and/or expensive childcare, the complexities of phobias, the burden of stigma—and basic cost.

TeleCBT is a significant step towards addressing all of those barriers

With TeleCBT, any Canadian over the age of 18 with a telephone, handheld device, or computer can access confidential CBT from the privacy of their own home—and often at a time of day that suits them best. Furthermore, because TeleCBT rates are significantly lower than those of traditional face-to-face CBT, the financial barrier is removed for many. How is that possible?

TeleCBT passes along the significant cost reductions that come from empowering clinicians to work from their home offices instead of from brick-and-mortar office spaces. By eliminating traditional overhead expenses such as clinic rent, support staff, and the amortization of capital expenses, patients’ costs for accessing CBT are significantly reduced. It’s another case of the internet having revolutionized an industry (in this case, the profession of psychotherapy).

If your patients might benefit from the convenient, confidential counseling that TeleCBT provides, please consider posting reception room flyers. If you’d like a poster for each of your examination rooms (and/or some tear off “prescription pads”) simply email your order to TeleCBT is here to lighten the burden you carry in meeting the mental health needs of your patients. Please help us help you by spreading the word.

Key Points

  • TeleCBT services are covered by many extended health insurance plans
  • For patients without insurance, TeleCBT is considerably more affordable than traditional face-to-face counseling ($110/hr vs. $150+/hr)
  • TeleCBT’s centralized intake carefully matches patients with the most appropriate therapist for them
  • TeleCBT counseling is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Farsi
  • All initial TeleCBT consultations (15 minutes) are free of charge
  • All TeleCBT therapists are licensed Canadian health professionals (registered psychotherapists and/or registered social workers) with special expertise in CBT
  • All TeleCBT text & video consultations are encrypted with the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • is fully compliant with the Canadian Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)